Travel cost calculator

Every time before the next vacation, we are forced to face a certain number of problems that must be solved in advance. In this article, we will try to systematize them for your convenience.

Buy tickets

Book a hotel

Calculate the vacation budget

I'm sure you're trying to figure out your budget before going on vacation. In order not to spend long hours searching for prices for air tickets, hotels, food and so on, we have created a convenient and free cost calculator for you. With its help, you can quickly estimate the approximate cost of the trip. This should save you time.

Find out the current rules for entering the country in 2022

For your convenience, we recommend a list of restrictions for each country in the world

Activate roaming

While on vacation abroad, you will have to use the Internet and be in touch. Each operator has its own tariffs and conditions. But in general, it is more profitable to order a service than to simply pay for the fact of use. Also read about eSim, which makes it possible not to buy a physical sim card.

Buy medical insurance

Make a list of places to visit

You can search for an article about the city you are interested in in our Articles section. Not all popular cities are there yet, but we are actively working on it. Or search on sites like TripAdvisor.

P.S. Also, don’t forget to make a packing list for the trip so that you don’t forget something important. Depending on whether you are planning a vacation at the sea or in the mountains, this list will differ greatly. Our article Checklist before trip will help with this in more detail.

We wish you a pleasant holiday!