What to see in Odessa


  Odessa is the most picturesque city in Ukraine and it is impossible to list all its charms. And most likely, everyone who is going to visit it for the first time asks the question - what to see in Odessa? Therefore, the Travel Cost team has prepared a short guide to Odessa, which will not leave anyone indifferent and, following which, every tourist will be able to feel the spirit of a pearl by the sea.

What to see in Odessa in 1 day

1. Derybasivska street

Derybasivska street
It is worth to see in Odessa in the first place. The most beautiful and world-famous street in Odessa. It is one of the main attractions of the city, where history and modernity are harmoniously intertwined. And we recommend starting your acquaintance with the pearl by the sea from this street. Derybasivska is a pedestrian, cobbled street where you can easily feel the unique flavor of Odessa.

2. Monument to Deribas

Monument to Deribas
Admiral Jose de Ribas y Boyons (or Iosif Mikhailovich Deribas) is one of the founding fathers of Odessa. In honor of Deribas, the main street of the city is named, and a monument to him is erected at the beginning of this street.

3. Odesa Passage

Odesa Passage
One of the most famous buildings in Odessa, which you just need to see with your own eyes. It is located at the intersection of Preobrazhenskaya and Deribasovskaya streets. This architectural monument of the 19th century delights with its stucco, baroque sculptural compositions on the facades and performs two functions: a hotel and a shopping pavilion. Inside there are a variety of shops, restaurants and cafes. And the highlight of the Passage is a glass roof that lets in sunlight.

4. Cathedral Square

Cathedral Square
Cathedral Square is located at the intersection of Preobrazhenskaya, Sadovaya, Leo Tolstoy streets. At the time of the founding of the city, it was its central square, and now it is considered the cultural and religious center of the city. There are: an exhibition and sale of works by Odessa artists, a monument to Count Vorontsov, a fountain, a memorial plaque to Pirogov, and in its very heart - the Transfiguration Cathedral.

5. House of Russov

House of Russov
The building of the 19th century is a monument of history and architecture, located opposite the Cathedral Square, at the corner of Deribasovskaya and Preobrazhenskaya streets. One of the first buildings of the entrepreneur Russov. The house gained wide popularity due to the location of Gaevsky's pharmacy in it, the largest at that time in the territory of southern Ukraine. Since the time of Independence of Ukraine, the building has been subjected to three severe fires, and it was restored only in 2019. And now everyone can enjoy the beautiful architecture and decoration of the house.

6. City garden

City garden
The park is considered the heart of Odessa, located in the city center, on Derybasivska Street. The garden was planted by the brother of the founder of Odessa, Iosif De Ribas - Felix De Ribas in 1803. But since Felix did not have enough funds to maintain the garden, he donated it to the city. Now the park is a favorite place for walks of local residents and tourists, it pleases with clean alleys, a luminous fountain and beautiful monuments and statues.

7. Monument to Utyosov

Monument to Utyosov
Leonid Utyosov - world-famous Soviet pop artist and actor from Odessa. In his songs, he often sang the beauty of his native city, and in honor of the 206th anniversary of Odessa on September 2, 2000, a monument was erected to him in the center of Odessa. The bronze sculpture is located in the city garden and represents the figure of an artist sitting on a bench and looking at people passing by.

8. Monument to Ilf and Petrov (The monument to the 12th Chair)

Monument to Ilf and Petrov
A monument dedicated to the Soviet writers Ilf and Petrov is installed in the city garden. Their famous novel "12 chairs" fell in love with more than one generation of readers. The heroes of the novel are looking for diamonds hidden in one of the 12 chairs of Madame Petukhova. The monument symbolizes exactly that twelfth chair. The sculpture itself is made in life size, you can sit on a chair and take a picture.

9. Odesa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

Odesa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre
Of. website: https://operahouse.od.ua/en/
The visiting card and the center of the cultural life of the city - the first theater in Odessa and one of the largest in Ukraine, is included in the list of the most unusual Eastern European sights. The first theater building was opened in 1810, but burned down in 1873. The modern building was built in 1887 by the architects Felner and Gelmer. Style - Viennese baroque. But the theater is not only magnificent from the outside, so we recommend you definitely go and see it inside. The main hall has unique acoustics, which allows you to hear whispers in any corner of the hall.

10. Primorsky Boulevard

Primorsky Boulevard
The boulevard starts from Dumskaya Square and ends at the Vorontsov Palace.The boulevard offers a wonderful view of the sea station, and on both sides it is planted with chestnut trees. The boulevard is built up only on one side, on the other - a slope leading to the port of Odessa. The Potemkin Stairs leads from the boulevard to the port. Here you can also see a museum with a glass dome, which contains the remains of an ancient Greek settlement.

11. Colonnade of the Vorontsov Palace

Colonnade of the Vorontsov Palace
The colonnade, also known as the rotunda or belvedere, is made in the style of the Tuscan order. The architect is F.K. Boffo. It curved shape 10 includes two rows of columns on a high pedestal stepwise. From the belvedere offers a spectacular view of the sea. In the summer season, various events and open-air concerts are often held here.

12. The Vorontsov Palace

The Vorontsov Palace
The palace is located on the northern edge of Primorsky Boulevard. The former residence of the Governor-General Vorontsov, a palace complex in the style of classicism. The building was built in 1829 in the place of the former Turkish fortress Khadzhibey. The palace was almost destroyed during the Crimean War. And after the battle with the Anglo-French army, only ruins remained of the palace. But over time, the building was restored. At various times, a men's gymnasium, a chess club, a palace of pioneers, and then a center for creativity for children were located here..

13. Mother-in-law bridge

Mother-in-law bridge
Pedestrian, besides the longest, highest and narrowest bridge in Odessa. Stretched over the Military Descent and connects two boulevards - Primorsky and Zhvanetsky. There are several legends associated with its name. The first says that in the 1960s, the head of the region, the first secretary of the regional party committee, M. Sinitsa, ordered the construction of a bridge in order to walk along it to his mother-in-law for pancakes. Second: because the bridge sways in the wind, "like mother-in-law's tongue". But the bridge, connecting Primorsky Boulevard and Zhvanetsky Boulevard (at that time - Komsomolsky Boulevard), created a walking route about 2 km long and fell in love with local residents and tourists.

14. Monument to Orange

Monument to Orange
The story goes that 18th-century Odessa wanted money to build their port. Unfortunately, when the new tzar Paul I took power in 1796, he diverted the badly-needed port money elsewhere. That left the city in limbo. As a result, town officials came up with an interesting solution. They imported 3000 Greek oranges and sent them as an exotic gift to Paul I. Since Paul had never tasted oranges before, he was fascinated and impressed by the fruit. Paul I soon approved the money needed to construct the the port.

15. Monument to the Duke de Richelieu

Monument to the Duke de Richelieu
Duke de Richelieu was considered by the locals to be the founder of Odessa. Under his rule that the city won the glory of the most flourishing city in Europe, turned into a major trading port, prestigious educational institutions appeared in it, the first theater. Duke was loved and respected. But after 11 years of successful rule of the city, he left for his homeland - France. And after the death of Duke, his close friend Langeron organized a fundraiser for the construction of the monument, and Count Vorontsov ordered the project to the sculptor Martos. On the monument, the Duke is depicted in a Roman toga. Its opening took place on April 22, 1828. It is located right in front of the Potemkin Stairs, facing the sea.

16. Potemkin Stairs

Potemkin Stairs
It is considered one of the visiting cards of Odessa and is included in the list of the main attractions of Ukraine. The staircase was built in 1825 by Count Vorontsov, who presented it to his wife. It is located on Primorsky Boulevard and connects it with the seaport. The steps were made famous in Sergei Eisenstein's 1925 silent film Battleship Potemkin. And after the release of the film, it became known as the Potemkin Stairs. Initially, the structure consisted of 200 steps, but with the development of the city's infrastructure, it now consists of 192 steps. And for those who do not want to climb on foot, there is a funicular near the stairs.

17. Istanbul and Greek parks

Istanbul and Greek parks

Istanbul and Greek parks
On both sides of the Potemkin Stairs there are two parks - Istanbul and Greek. These two young and modern parks are a gift to Odessa, built at the expense of the municipality of the Turkish capital and a Greek maecenas. You can enter the parks both: from Primorsky Boulevard and Primorskaya Street.

18. Marine Station

Marine Station
Initially, there was no sea station in Odessa, and passenger ships moored to the Military Mall. But in 1968, the Marine Station of the Odessa Commercial Sea Port was built. The territory of the station is a large embankment, on both sides of which there are many ships, boats, cruise liners. At the end of the pier stands the church of St. Nicholas, whom the sailors ask for mercy before the voyage and thank him after.
Anyone can ride a pleasure boat or yacht. Details can be found on the website.

19. Monument to the Sailor's Wife

Monument to the Sailor's Wife
Located on the territory of the seaport, installed in 2002 and dedicated to women who are waiting for their husbands from flights. Depicted as a woman with a small child in her arms, looking into the distance of the Black Sea.

What to see in Odessa in 3 days

You already know what to see on the first day of your trip to Odessa, but what is interesting to see on the rest of the days - read our recommendations below.

Second day

1. Shevchenko Park

Shevchenko Park
The park is surrounded by Marazlievskaya, Uspenskaya streets and Lidersovsky Boulevard. The park area was part of the Turkish Khadzhibey. After the conquest of Khadzhibey in 1795, certain fortifications existed near Cape Langeron. Among these was the Odesa fortress, which constituted part of the so-called the Dniester Defensive Line, while located in the center of Odesa fortress was the Saint Andrew bastion. Following the Russo-Turkish War in 1811, the fortress was reorganized into a port side quarantine, and within the fortress a quarantine cemetery was established. And only at the end of the 19th century, due to the initiatives of Marazli, a city park was arranged on this place. The park was officially opened on 7 September 1875 and on 10 September was named the "Alexander Park" after Alexander II of Russia himself had visited Odesa and planted an oak tree during the park's opening ceremony. The park got its present name in 1920. On the territory of the park now there are: the stadium "Chernomorets", the Alley of Glory, the monument to the Unknown Sailor, the monument to the Kobzar, the monument to the Afghan Warriors and the Dead Sailors.

2. Taras Shevchenko Monument

Taras Shevchenko Monument
There is a monument at the main alley of Shevchenko Park, from the side of the street Marazlievskaya (corner of Sabansky Lane). Erected in honor of the outstanding Ukrainian poet and prose writer T.G. Shevchenko.

3. Alley of Glory

Alley of Glory
The memorial complex in memory of those who died during the Great Patriotic War is located in Shevchenko Park. At the entrance to the alley there are two granite steles. The left one is made in the form of a cube and the dates of the beginning and end of the Great Patriotic War are stamped on it. And on the right stele you can see a bas-relief of the grieving Motherland against the backdrop of the sea. On solemn days, people lay flowers and wreaths on the alley.

4. Monument to the Unknown Sailor

Monument to the Unknown Sailor
The Alley of Glory ends above the cliff, where the monument to the Unknown Sailor is located. This 21-meter monument is made of red granite, and the Eternal Flame burns in front of it. The monument perpetuates the memory of the soldiers of the Primorsky Army and the Black Sea Fleet, who defended Odessa in 1941.

5. Lanzheron

Langeron is historically the first and most popular beach in Odessa. It is located next to the park. Shevchenko. Initially, the dacha of the governor Lanzheron was located here, from which only the arch at the entrance, built in 1930, remains now. A promenade with palm trees, fountains and benches has been created on the beach, and nearby is the Nemo Dolphinarium and the hotel of the same name. You can also find many restaurants and bars here.

6. Dolphinarium Nemo

Dolphinarium Nemo
Of. website: http://en.nemo.ua/od/
Cultural and recreational complex "Nemo" is one of the sights of Odessa. On its territory there are: an oceanarium, a dolphin therapy center, a dolphinarium. We recommend you to visit the show, especially if you come to the city with children.

7. Door "House of the Sun"

The art object is located on Lanzheron Beach, near the Club Hotel. It is a bronze copy of the old Odessa door, which in the 19th century adorned the main entrance to the Odessa house.

8. Health track

Health track
It starts from Langeron and stretches to Arcadia. It was designed in the late 1970s. It is an asphalt road lined with thick trees on both sides. Along the entire route on one side - the Black Sea, where you can get at any time. It is no coincidence that the route got its name: the movement of any vehicles is prohibited here, except for special electric vehicles that transport people from Lanzheron to Arcadia and vice versa. But lovers of outdoor activities can easily ride roller skates, bikes, run or just walk here. Along the way there are benches where you can always take a break.

9. Arcadia

The health track ends with a resort area, which is located in the Primorsky district of the city, between the 5th and 7th stations of the Big Fountain - Arcadia. One of the calling cards of Odessa, there is a beach, attractions, food courts, restaurants, clubs and even a water park. There are many resorts and hotels nearby.

10. Victory Park

Victory Park
Dendropark is located in the Arcadia region, on Shevchenko Avenue. Various types of plants are planted here, for example, you can see: blue spruce, birch, magnolia, acacia and many others. At the entrance to the park near the Palace of Sports there is a monument to submariners, and along the entire park there is a pond in which swans and turtles swim. Everyone has the opportunity to rent a boat and swim in the pond. The park has a lot of entertainment for children: playgrounds, a fortress, a rope park and others.

Third day

For the third day, we have prepared several options for where to go and what to see - choose what is closer in spirit to you and go ahead!

1. Catacombs

What interesting things can be seen in Odessa for thrill-seekers? Of course - the Odessa catacombs. This is a large underground labyrinth located near Odessa and its region. Approximate length is 2.5 thousand km. Most of the catacombs are former quarries, where shell rock was mined for the construction of Odessa. During the Great Patriotic War, the catacombs served as a shelter for Soviet partisans. We recommend all thrill-seekers to visit one of the museums, where, together with an experienced guide, you can go deep into the catacombs and listen to fascinating stories related to them: the museum of partisan glory in the village of Nerubaysky or the network of museums "Secrets of underground Odessa".

2. Shustov Cognac Winery Museum

Shustov Cognac Winery Museum
Museum at the cognac factory in Odessa. Dedicated to the history of the factory of the Shustov dynasty, talks about the technology of cognac production and the history of cognac business in Odessa. Both - group and individual excursions are possible, they are held together with a tasting of cognacs of various aging. Official site: https://shustoff.com/ru/museum/

3. Odessa Fine Arts Museum

Odessa Fine Arts Museum
Art lovers also have something to see in Odessa. Museum is located in the center of Odessa, on Sofievskaya street. Located in the Naryshkin Palace, an architectural monument of the 19th century. The museum was opened in 1899, and in 2021 received the status of a state museum. The museum's collection includes: painting, arts and crafts, sculpture, graphics. There is an underground grotto in the museum building, accessible to the public.

4. Odesa Regional Philharmonic

Odesa Regional Philharmonic
Of. website: https://www.filarmonia.odessa.ua/
It is located in the building of the Odessa "new" stock exchange, in the historical center of Odessa, on Bunina street. The Philharmonic has two halls, a chamber hall and a concert hall.

5. Theater on Chainaya

Theater on Chainaya
Of. website: http://tea-atr.com/
The theater laboratory was created in 2010 by graduates of the Odessa Theater Lyceum. Initially, the theater was located in the building of the former tea-packing factory on Karantinnaya street, but in 2017 it moved to the premises located in the Palace of Students on Marazlievskaya Street.

6. Museum of Interesting Science

Museum of Interesting Science
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/muzeynauki/
If you come to Odessa with children, then we highly recommend visiting the museum of interesting science. It is located on Shevchenko Avenue. The museum is interactive, here everything can be touched, studied, photographed. On the territory of the museum are held: excursions, master classes, scientific show. Children get acquainted with science in an unusual and extremely interesting format.

7. Pryvoz

Well, why not visit the world-famous Privoz? It requires no introduction. This is not only a bazaar, but a landmark of the city, where you can fully experience its flavor. This is the soul and heart of Odessa.

Odessa public transport 

Odessa public transport

The following transport is available in Odessa:

  • Trams (price one way - 8 UAH)
  • Trolleybuses (price one way - 8 UAH)
  • Buses (price one way - 15 UAH)

Where to eat in Odessa

Where to eat in Odessa

  • Bar "Ustrichnaya" (📍Primorsky Boulevard, 10)
    Bar with Mediterranean and Asian cuisine: oysters, fish, pasta, steaks and wine.

  • Restaurant "Oblaka" (📍Katerininskaya, 27)
    Rooftop restaurant with a terrace overlooking the city. Guests are offered international cuisine.

  • Restaurant MAMAN (📍Langeronivska, 18)
    Restaurant with international, Mediterranean, Eastern European and Ukrainian cuisines.

  • Cinema Cafe Tref Cinema Cafe (📍Shevchenko Avenue, 16)
    Restaurant with European cuisine, in a park area and with a large screen with cartoons.

  • Pub Corvin (📍Langeronivska, 17)
    The pub is imbued with the spirit of Scotland, with an excellent collection of whiskeys, a wide range of beers and delicious food.

  • Restaurant "Dacha" (📍French Boulevard, 85)
    Quirky restaurant with vintage décor and garden serving local traditional dishes.

  • Restaurant Tavernetta (📍Katerininskaya, 45)
    An Italian restaurant with pasta, wine, seafood and meat dishes.

  • Restaurant «Fish» (📍Fontanska road, 155/4)
    Restaurant overlooking the sea and a wide range of seafood.

  • Kumanets (📍Havanna, 7)
    Unusual old-style restaurant serving traditional Ukrainian cuisine.

  • Sovremennik (📍Lustdorf road, 140)
    The restaurant offers Italian cuisine, seafood, grill, Central European cuisine.

  • Restaurant "Chernomorka" (📍Fontanska road, 11)
    Restaurant with a large selection of fresh seafood.

Entertainment in Odessa

Entertainment in Odessa

We have prepared for you the top places where you can relax and have fun after walking and exploring the city.

1. Water parks

  • Water park “Odesa” (📍Ovidopol road)
    Of. website: https://aquaparkodessa.com.ua/en
  • Water park Hawaii (📍Arcadia)
    Of. website: https://arkadia.od.ua/akvapark-hawaii.php

2. Lunapark (📍Shevchenko park)
Of. website: http://lunapark.odessa.ua/

3. Water activities

There are many water activities available on the beaches of Odessa:

  • Kayaks and saps
  • Parasailing
  • Yacht trips
  • Flying on a hoverboard and others

4. Rink

  • Umka (📍Dobrovolsky Avenue, 145/147), open all year round
  • ICE CITY (📍Arkadiyska Alley, 1), works in winter
  • ICE AGE (📍Gorky Park, Kosmonavtov, 17a), works in winter
  • ICE AGE (📍Park Shevchenko, Uspenska, 1), works in winter
  • Ice Arena (📍Palace of Sports, Shevchenko Avenue, 31), open all year round

5. Cinemas

  • Multiplex (Genoese street, 5/2)
    Of. website: https://multiplex.ua/ru/cinema/odesa/gagarinn_plaza
  • Planeta kino:
  • 📍Shopping center «City Center», Heavenly Hundred Avenue, 2
    Of. website: https://planetakino.ua/ru/odessa2/
  • 📍Shopping center «City Center Kotovsky, David Oistrakh, 32
    Of. website: https://planetakino.ua/odessa/
  • Cinema city (Semaphore Lane, 4)
    Of. website: https://cinemaciti.ua/ru/cinema-city-odessa/

6. Karting
Of. website: https://kart.od.ua/

  • Fontanka village, South road, 101, Shopping center "Riviera"
  • Bazovaya street, 17, 7 km of the Ovidiopol road

7. Dolphinarium (📍Langeron beach, 25)
Of. website: http://www.nemo.od.ua/

8. Odessa Underwater Museum (📍Leadersovsky boulevard, 1)
Of. website: https://www.divemuseum.od.ua/en

9. Zoo (📍Novochipny row, 25)
Of. website: https://zoo.ua/

10. Climbing wall (📍Chkalovsky beach, Health Track, 7)
Of. website: https://www.skalodrom.od.ua/

We hope that after reading the article, you don’t have any questions - what to see in Odessa. We briefly talked about the main attractions of Odessa. And we are sure that you are already packing your bags to get to it faster and breathe in the fresh sea air, enjoy the Odessa flavor and just relax in the city by the sea.

And so you don't forget anything, we have prepared a checklist for the trip for you.

And don't forget to check the weather forecast :)

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