How Ukrainians can apply for temporary protection in Spain

With the outbreak of the war in Ukraine in February 2022, many countries began to provide Ukrainians with temporary protection, including Spain.

In this article, we will understand what "temporary protection status" is and how to get it.
Temporary protection in Spain
Temporary protection status is granted to third-country nationals and stateless persons who have had to leave their country or region of residence and cannot return to safe and durable conditions due to circumstances in that country. Such persons, in particular, are:
- persons fleeing areas of armed conflict or epidemic violence;
- persons who are at serious risk or who are victims of systematic or generalized violations of human rights.

Who can get temporary protection status in Spain

  • citizens of Ukraine;
  • next of kin of citizens of Ukraine;
  • long-term residents of Ukraine;
  • refugees from other countries who received protection in Ukraine earlier.

A popular question: can Ukrainians who entered Ukraine before the war get the status of temporary protection in Spain? Answer: yes, they can.

What documents are needed to obtain temporary protection in Spain

Initially, protection could be obtained with a Ukrainian passport. But now you can get protection status only with a passport. If this is not the case, then you need to contact the Ukrainian consulate, which is located in Barcelona, and only after that - request protection.

Registration of protection on the Spanish territory provides the Ukrainian with the following opportunities:

  • resident card;
  • work permit;
  • access to social ensuring;
  • access to state medicine;
  • access to education for children under 18.

Step 1. Apply for a NIE screening (appointment)

Registration is by number +34910474444.

Don't worry, all operators speak Ukrainian and Russian. You need to have a passport at hand in order to dictate your data and you will be told the time and place where you need to go.

You can sign up at one of the main centers in:

  • Malaga;
  • Alicante;
  • Barcelona;
  • Madrid.

Also, the status of temporary protection can be requested in any other city, but it is better in one of these centers, since all processes here are well-established and are done much faster.

Macrocenters work schedule: from 8 to 20 (but documents are processed until 14.00).

On weekends, a shortened day and accepts only the Red Cross (you can be helped with accommodation, but documents will still be processed on weekdays).

Step 2. Obtain the first document - NIE Temporary Protection Sheet

You need to come according to the record that you were given by phone (at the specified address and time). Be sure to take your passport with you.

The procedure consists of:

  • filling out a questionnaire;
  • taking fingerprints;
  • you will be photographed on the spot;
  • then you will be given a sheet with these data and the assigned NIE number.

You also need a Seguridad Social Number - a social security registration number.

In different cities, its issuance takes place in different ways: in Madrid, it is issued immediately or within a few days. In Barcelona, it must be requested separately by email and can be sent within a few months. In Malaga and Alicante, too, it is always different - sometimes they give it right away, sometimes not.

Find out this information on the spot when you receive your NIE sheet.

Step 3. Register with the police for a resident card - TIE card

This must be done online:

This is one of the hardest steps. It's harder in big cities, easier in small ones. Life hack - visit the site at night or early in the morning. 

By the date of entry:

  • fill out a form EX-17;
  • pay the fee and complete the tax form Modelo 790-012;
  • make a copy of the passport;
  • a new photograph of 32x26 mm must be taken.

Be sure to take the first white sheet (sheet with NIE) with you.

Step 4. Submission of documents for obtaining a resident card - TIE card

You need to come with the necessary documents at the recorded date and address.

It is better to print the appointment record itself, which will come to the mail. Arrive on time (preferably 15 minutes).


  • go to the policeman;
  • give a package of documents;
  • do fingerprint verification.

The police will give a document that confirms that you were in the police and handed over the documents and are waiting for a resident card. Check all your details right away.

They will immediately tell you that in 30-40 days you need to come for the card and give a link to the site (since in some cities, in order to pick up the card, you need a sieve again - an appointment is made online).

Instruction "How to register for a TIE", published by the Spanish government:

Step 5. Obtaining a resident card (plastic TIE card)

It is issued for 2 years.

Also an important point is to obtain a state card. insurance (medical insurance).

It is done in another place - usually in a district hospital.

Do I need to get a TIE card or is a NIE enough?

Yes, it's necessary. Since the status of temporary protection is granted for 2 years, you will need to obtain a residence permit - TIE.

Can I get temporary protection in Spain if I have already received protection in another country?

You can get it, but:

1. Find out the rules for denial of temporary protection in the first country

2. It's best to give up the first defense

3. They can immediately refuse in one place, then you need to try to apply in different centers.


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